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    GADMEI is a world manufacturer

    This is not only a meaningful word, Gadmei prove that since 1999 through its products and it’s great after sales service to the People of the Sri Lanka. We give solutions to even Gadmei’s oldest products made in 1999.

    GADMEI is a world manufacturer
    Manufacturers  always try to bring the best of the best to the market. Some manufacturers  think only about their earnings.
    Not think about the important facts like product Quality, its usefulness to the people, about  after sales service etc.
    But  SINCE  1999 GADMEI ELECTRONICS do their best to introduce the best quality products to its clients with low cost targeting those who have and those who haven’t. , mainly not based on earnings.
    Before introducing to the market GADMEI do research about the product and its ability to serve the people all around the world.

    GADMEI always advice us to introduce the right product to Sri Lanka at the right time. 

    • GADMEI do a thorough research before manufacturing a product.
    • Maintaining  It's QUALITY by using top class materials.
    • DURABILITY  by checking using high technology machines.
    • AFTER SALES SERVICE ABILITY  considering as its major responsibility.
    • Testing Product USEFULLNESS to thepeople by using standard   practical engineering testing methods, before it goes for manufacturing by investing in millions.
    • Never Failed

    Above facts can be proved that, GADMEI Products have never FAILED SINCE 1999.

    OUR VISION - To bring the Luxury of Colour TV and it’s benefits to every household in Sri Lanka. Computer users & others will have the benefits of using it as a second TV by connecting Gadmei Combo TV Box to a Monitor or CPU.


    Good quality keyboard, Same type I use over 6 years. Connecting this also save my USB ports as well.
    Fully compatible Hardware, Better than new models. Runs 24hrs without any fault. Good product for an in-house application design.OS upgradable.

    Software Engineer
    I bought many, works very well and most stable Android Box in Sri Lanka. I recommended to anybody.
    Ranjith Perera
    Excellent product.
    Lalith Weerasinghe
    Excellent product ! very useful product .

    Damith Dissanayake
    Damith Dissanayake
    My PC's with PS/2 mouse socket so i have connected PS/2 mouse and that will save my USB slots. Good sensor movement and good product. Ranjith Priyadharshana / Graphic Artist .
    Ranjith Priyadharshana
    I use to connect my Ultra notebook to a large monitor. Perfectly work and very much satisfied.

    Randhika De Silva
    Randhika De Silva
    I am sorry, I am not allowed to mention our company name. Our company bought a large number of this product for an internal software programme. Mygica product is excellent works well without any hassle. I actually do recommend it to everybody. Android APP developer -Asanka Senarathna *** **** **** PVT LTD
    *** **** **** PVT LTD
    I bought many pieces for a project, It works well without any problem. Excellent product. SHERIL FERNANDO - SOFTWARE ENGINEER
    One of best product you can use to convert your TV to Android TV. It's amazing.
    I bought another cheap brand not MyGica, it did not work well. Only work for 6 months. MyGica Android box works well without any problem. Good product. All the best. RANGANA PERERA - SOFTWARE ENGINEER


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