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GroundBlaster™ Tone & Probe Tracing & Diagnostics Kit

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GroundBlaster™ Tone & Probe Tracing & Diagnostics Kit

he Aines Ground Blaster™ Tone & Probe Tracing & Diagnostics Kit is a revolutionary Test Kit for Tracing, Continuity and Diagnostics. This is the most amazing, feature rich and a comprehensive kit in the market today to manage Voice, Security, Data and Video networks.

If you ever tried to trace shielded cabling, you know how hard it can be with traditional tone & probe units. This completely new remarkable kit can easily and reliably trace shielded cabling because of its proprietary Ground Blaster™ Technology of tracing a cable and utilizing ground as the return path. The Ground Blaster™ technology amplifies the signal on all so that even overhead and buried cables can be easily traced. An extension wand is provided for this purpose.

Once an identification of the cable has been established the Ground Blaster™ can do a 4-pair check to verify full and proper continuity of all eight conductors.

In addition, the Ground Blaster™ units have superior and comprehensive continuity capabilities. There are modes for both normally closed and normally open circuits. The “latching” feature (when utilized) allows you to be away from the units to see if a continuity or loss of continuity has taken place. The continuity report can be selected by the user for either visual or audible or both.

The kit includes a banjo to connect to the pins on a terminated cable. The banjo is compatible with both 6 and 8 pin connections. The kit contains nine super high quality adapter cables for different purposes including tracing voice, data, and coaxial cables.

There are no other products on the market today that can come close to this revolutionary kit in features and capabilities.

  • Superior tracing of shielded and un-shielded cables including co-axial
  • Extension wand is included for tracing overhead and buried cables
  • 6/8 Pin Banjo is included
  • Superior and comprehensive continuity capabilities, including latching and continuity of both normally closed and normally open circuits. Selectable reporting in visual or audible modes or both
  • Four-pair cable testing (proper continuity of all eight pins)
  • Professional Alligator clips with "bed of nails" and single spike wire piercing, U-shape terminal grippers, and superior spring tension and superior insulation.
  • Superior quality braided cords meet BELLCORE fire retardant requirements. Twisted tinsel conductors offer high flexibility even at low temperatures plus greater wear.






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